UMass Amherst working with faculty, students affected by travel ban

Two students, one visiting scholar stranded by executive order.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass Amherst is now working with students who are unable to enter the U.S. under President Trump’s executive order. One graduate student, one undergrad student, and one visiting scholar at UMass Amherst can’t get back to campus.

The university’s International Programs Office is working with the two international students from Iran and the visiting scholar from Syria to help them find a way to legally get back into the U.S.

The IPO is also giving regular updates on immigration changes to the campus’s international students. Students like Elizabeth Rogan agree it’s the university’s responsibility to help intervene. “I think in any way that the university can help, it’s kind of a weird situation to begin with, so if they can help, why not?”

UMass Amherst has more than 2,800 international students this year under UMass immigration sponsorship. More than 500 international scholars and employees are also sponsored.

UMass Amherst sponsors 72 Iranian graduate students and four scholars.

The university also sponsors two graduate students from Syria, and one grad student from Sudan.