Trump supporters support his travel ban

Trump won Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with 58% of the vote

(CNN) – President Trump’s travel ban has sparked chaos and confusion and protests across the country and the world.   It’s also being applauded by many of his supporters, who voted for Trump because of his proposal to ban Muslims. CNN talked to some of them in Pennsylvania, a key swing state that turned red this year.

Janet Gattine, Trump Supporter said, “We have to check out who is coming in. we have to know who is coming in.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump and his refugee ban weren’t hard to find at the Beltway Diner in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. After all, Trump won this county with 58% of the vote, a major reversal from President Obama’s tight victory here in 2012.

When asked, “Do you think this will make America safer?” Gattine replied, “Yes.” “Because there are so many of them here now it’s hard to keep track of them and they just keep coming and coming and coming.”

This Pennsylvania farmer, a longtime registered Democrat, switched parties to support Trump because he liked his refugee plan. Stanley Ftorkowski said this isn’t a ban on religion, this isn’t against Muslims. How do you feel about that? “It’s not. These people have to be vetted. These people are coming off the street, we have no idea who they are.”

Reporter: “But the state department does vet them, they spend a couple years vetting them.”

Ftorkowski: “There’s still enough room for those people to get through, they can’t get everybody.”

And if they’re coming from Syria, many here told us, don’t even bother vetting, just keep them out for good.

Ftorkowski: ”There’ a lot of bad people, we don’t know their backgrounds, we don’t know they came from. We don’t know what they’re behin.”

Reporter: “You sound like Donald Trump when you say that?”

Ftorkowski: “Well I agree with him.”

Not a single Trump supporter here considers President Trump’s executive order discriminatory:

When Janice Calhoun was asked, “What do you say to people who call this discrimination?” Calhoun replied, “You can’t call it discrimination when we’ve got so much violence, with the bombings and the attacks, he’s just trying to keep us safe.”

Reporter: “Will this keep America safer do you think?”

Calhoun: “I don’t know I don’t know, I’m hoping it will.”

In a diner jammed with Trump devotees, Joan Swedar stuck out.  An Independent who supported Hillary Clinton, she says President Trump is bullying Muslims. “The ban is a disgrace. This country is made up of immigrants. He just wants to show he’s signing executive orders, he has no idea what it’s all about. It’s discrimination, it’s illegal, it’s a disgrace to our country.”

However, Gattine couldn’t disagree more. She says it’s the only way to stop terrorism:

Reporter: “What about the terrorism, what scares you about that?”

Gattine: “Oh my god, you never know where it’s gonna be. You could be shopping, you could go to church, they might just want to blow up your church.”