Protest against the travel ban continue

(NBC News) Protests continued across the country Monday, with thousands speaking out against President Trump’s ban on travelers from seven countries entering the United States.

The outrage began over the weekend hundreds of travelers were detained.

Among them was Babak Naji-Talakar’s mother, who’s made the trip from Iran every year since 1993.

“All they told them was just sit there and wait. For a lady with arthritis a lot of bone problems, two open heart surgeries. Imagine sitting in the chair for 10 hours,” Naji-Talakar said.

A federal judge in New York ordered those with valid passports and visas released, and a string of lawsuits have been filed.

“I look forward for judges to provide the checks and balances that are needed more now than ever,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee said in announcing his state’s challenge to the ban.

The White House is standing by the order, “Being able to come to America is a privilege, not a right,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer argued.