Pet Corner: Richelle

Breed: Labrador retriever mix
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Female
Color: Black


Richelle is a Dixie Dog (a Texan) who has just recently arrived at the great northeast.  She loves to take walks and makes a great walking buddy.  We don’t know if she has lived with children, but her friendly personality indicates she’d be good with them.  She enjoys other dogs, but we don’t know her history with cats (we can check if you want to adopt her and you have a kitty at home).

Richelle is a big fan of squeak toys and treats.  She also needs some dog training to be better on-leash, so taking a Dakin dog training course would be a great way to teach her better manners and create a terrific bond at the same time.  Plus, people who take Dakin classes with shelter dogs get a 10% discount!

Click Here for updated listings of available dog classes! Richelle is at the Springfield Adoption & Education Center. Click here to learn more about Richelle >>

Events/Other Topics

Dog Training Classes in January at Dakin’s Springfield and Leverett locations

Here are our upcoming classes. (Click Here for class details and online registration):

  • Basic Manners for Adult Dogs – starts 2/14 in Springfield – 5 weeks
  • Puppy Kindergarten – starts 2/14 in Springfield – 5 weeks
  • Intermediate Manners for Adult Dogs:
    • Starts 2/15 in Springfield – 5 weeks
    • Starts 3/11 in Leverett – 5 weeks
  • Canine Good Citizen:
    • Starts 2/11 in Leverett – 5 weeks (6th optional)
    • Starts 2/15 in Springfield – 5 weeks (6th optional)
  • Puppy & Beyond – starts 3/18 in Leverett – 8 weeks

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