Marijuana now legal in Maine

Maine has joined Massachusetts as 2nd New England state to legalize drug

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Here in New England, Massachusetts is now not alone when it comes to marijuana legalization. Back in November, Maine voters approved a plan to legalize the recreational use of the drug, but implementation in Maine came a little bit later than Massachusetts- where people have been able to possess one ounce of marijuana or less since mid-December.

Under Maine’s law, it is now legal to smoke marijuana, give marijuana as a gift, and possess up to 2.5 ounces of the drug. Adults can also have six flowering marijuana plants and 12 nonflowering plants.

Greenfield residents that 22News spoke with about this development were more surprised to hear about marijuana becoming legalized in Maine than in Massachusetts.

“It might surprise me more about Maine but not here. I’m a grad student at UMass and a lot of undergrads and grads wanted it to be legalized, just because freedom of choice,” Laura Hancock of Greenfield said.

You can’t sell marijuana, and marijuana retail stores and social clubs remain on hold until next year at the earliest. Driving while high and smoking marijuana in public remain illegal.

The Legislature passed a law pushing the opening of marijuana stores and other marijuana sales in Maine until February 2018.

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