Protest at Bradley International Airport after executive order issued

Immigration lawyers part of the American Civil Liberties Union took action in New York Saturday night

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – There have been protests and confusion at airports across the country, after President Donald Trump’s Executive Order, put a temporary ban on immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.

President Donald Trump’s Executive Order Friday temporarily banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days and suspending the U.S. refugee program for Syrians indefinitely was met with backlash this weekend.

Protests took place at airports across the country Saturday calling the move discriminatory.  The Council of American-Islamic Relations-an Islamic civil liberties group- held a protest at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut with the consent of the airport Sunday afternoon.

Great Stacey, a Smith College alum, told 22News “Especially as an American who lives internationally and works internationally I worry about how it is going to affect not just my life and my work but people that I care about and people who have less resources than I do.”

President Trump has reiterated it is a matter of “extreme vetting.”

Immigration lawyers part of the American Civil Liberties Union took action in New York Saturday night, where a Federal Judge granted a nationwide stay that would block deportation of all people stranded in U.S. Airports that had valid visas.  Similar rulings came up across the nation and in Massachusetts.

The Department of Homeland Security says 375 travelers have been affected by the ban so far. Those with passports from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Libya are among them.

Trump’s Order titled “Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorists Entry into the United States,” makes good on his longtime campaign promise to tighten borders and halt certain refugees from entering the U.S.

The message is agreeable by some.

Joseph Brazey of Florida, told 22News “Absolutely, harm’s way I don’t want any American in harms way. I’m all for people coming here but they should be seriously vetted before they come especially if they’re from radical countries.”

While Federal court judges have signed temporary stays blocking people from being detained or deported, the White House says the order is still in effect.