ACLU offers legal help to those affected by travel ban

People held signs expressing their outrage at Bradley International Airport

WINDSOR LOCKS, CT. (WWLP) – A federal judge in Boston has temporarily suspended President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from several predominantly Muslim countries.

The Director of the Western Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union, Bill Newman, outlined the impact of President Trump’s executive order. He said, “Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. No one from any of those countries can come here. The United States government is not only violating its word, but it’s putting people who are the strongest allies of us in enormous danger, and danger of their lives. That has to be stopped.”

A New York federal judge ruled that authorities could not remove individuals who had already arrived in the U.S. prior to President Trump’s travel ban. Newman told 22News that, since then, judges in Boston, Virginia, and Washington State have filed temporary restraining orders against the president’s executive order.

The ACLU is encouraging people to contact them for legal help before they signing any paperwork. Immigrants being detained at airports across the country has caused outrage and widespread protests, including at Bradley International Airport, where people held signs expressing their anger.

Fran Sepler of Minneapolis told 22News, “I am a child of holocaust survivors. I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters across the world. This is the place that has always been a safe port for refugees and must continue to be.”

12-year-old Ben Caron of Salem, Connecticut, added, “I feel the ban on Muslims entering the U.S. is unconstitutional.”

President Trump said this is not a “Muslim Ban,” but rather a stronger vetting process, to protect the United States from terrorism.