Police in Virginia looking for man accused of torturing and killing puppies

Warning: Some readers may find the graphic details of this story disturbing.

Photo Courtesy: WRIC

Warning: Some readers may find the graphic details of this story disturbing.

PETERSBURG, VA. (WRIC) — Police in Petersburg, Virginia are turning to the public for help catching a man accused of mutilating, torturing and killing young puppies.

The scene police responded to last summer was gruesome. They are now reaching out to the public in an attempt to put the man they say is responsible, Brandon Gillie, behind bars.

“He forced them to swallow several items, including fire crackers and poison,” Detective Thomas Ewers of the Petersburg Police Department said. But the torture didn’t stop there, police say. While the puppies were still alive, Gillie dismembered and mutilated the dogs. It all happened in the back yard of a now abandoned trailer.

“He cut their bodies open, and when he cut their bodies open, he also tried to glue it back together,” Ewers said. “He put glue over the dogs’ faces, including their muzzle, I guess in an attempt keep the dogs from being loud or trying to suffocate them.” The dogs were left to die. Police say the whole incident must have taken place over the course of several hours.

The man’s female partner discovered the dogs and called the police to report it. She is no longer cooperating with authorities, police said, and Gillie remains on the run.

“This is probably the worst case I’ve seen or heard of since I’ve been a detective,” Detective Ewers said.
Gillie’s next door neighbor recalls hearing Gillie sitting outside talking during the night in question, but she had no idea what he was actually doing.

Police say they need the public’s help catching Gillie before he has the chance to do something like this again. “It could lead to other crimes that could be worse. It could be to other animals, it could be to a person – you just never know, and it’s very concerning,” Ewers said.

If you know where Brandon Gillie is, call Petersburg Police at 804-732-4222.