January was a month western Massachusetts just had to “adapt” to

January was a month western Massachusetts barely saw any snow

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been a tough month for those who have wanted to ski. 22News is working for you with why January was a month you just had to find a new outdoor activity.

As we continue through the last weekend in January, most of us can’t help but notice the lack of snow this month. Western Massachusetts saw about 4 different snow storms scattered throughout January, but they didn’t bring much, and when it did snow, it didn’t last long on the ground due to the mild temperatures.

Western Massachusetts is a good 9 inches below its average snowfall totals for the month of January. This month, we have seen around 5 inches of snow, where our average snowfall totals are around 14 inches for January.

After heading over to Competitive Edge Ski & Bike in East Longmeadow, 22News found out ski sales are actually not doing that bad. Patrick, a manager at Competitive Edge Ski & Bike in East Longmeadow, told 22News, “We’re doing wonderful with bikes, skis, all that.. you know New England wants to ski, it’s just a matter of where they’re going.”

Those who have been wanting to do winter activities have either gone on colder days in January, or have headed up north, where keeping snow around is a lot easier.

Here in western Massachusetts, most people just had to adapt to the weather, and change up their pattern in what they did outside according to the weather that day. Patrick went on to tell 22News, “A couple weeks ago, when we had those 50 degree temperatures, we had people pulling up to our parking lot and doing group rides out here, you know people are on the fence, and a week that you can get a bike ride in Tuesday and go skiing Thursday is a great week.”

It might not be a change some people wanted to see this month but its something we’ve had to adapt to.

Colder air looks to be moving in for the first week of February for those who have been craving the good ole New England winter.

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