Sex trafficking victim brought to Houston for Super Bowl

A Good Samaritan came to the woman's rescue and then brought her here to Ben Taub

(CNN) – A sex trafficking victim is getting help after she said she was kidnapped and forced to come to Houston. You’ve heard the warnings about this kind of criminal activity happening around big events like the Super Bowl. This woman’s story is just horrible.

Recovery Coach Specialist Kathryn Griffin said, “This is probably the saddest scenario I have come across in my 14 years of dealing with the human sex trafficking.”

Cameras were rolling as the 21-year-old victim with special needs walked out of Ben Taub Hospital. Griffin said, “Her mental capacity is that of a seven or eight-year-old. She is very much childlike but she has been taught how to perform sexual acts for McDonald’s or candy. She told me she got paid with a snickers bar.”

Griffin works for the Harris County Sheriff’s office. She said this young woman’s horror story began in Ohio, where she was kidnapped by a pimp. Griffin said, “He snatched her and put her in the car and said now you work for me.”

She said the man brought the woman to Houston, specifically for the Super Bowl; “I don’t know if she understands what the Super Bowl means but she said that she was going to make him money.”

Griffin said the pimp had been “teaching” her sex acts so she could be ready for the Super Bowl johns. The woman has seizures and became too much for the pimp so he dropped her off downtown. Only for her to be raped again.

It happened on Hamilton, Griffin said. A Good Samaritan came to the woman’s rescue and then brought her here to Ben Taub. Griffin said Hamilton Police, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI Sex Trafficking Division, as well as Adult Protective Services, are all now on the case. The search for the so called “pimp” continues.

Griffin said, “We are going to find out who this person is.” As for the victim, she said, “A team of us is going to take care of her because she needs a caretaker.”