Resolution Revolution

Have your New Year's resolutions to exercise taken a nose dive?

(NBC News) Exercise is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but at this point in the new year many people have given up. To get back on track fitness experts suggest making exercise resolutions easier to achieve.

“Set a goal, but do many check points along the way to keep yourself inspired,” says the YMCA’s Beth Evansek.

Instead of vowing to run a marathon, start with a 5K or even just one mile. If boredom is the problem, find a workout buddy or whole group of buddies to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Sometimes workouts are put on hold if there’s an injury. As long as it’s not a significant problem, a doctor may be able to help alter your exercise routine.

Evansek simply works around her recently broken wrist. “I’m still being active. I can still do cardio, but I can’t do weights,” she explains.

Lastly, take the work out of a workout and play instead! Shooting hoops or even running around a playground are great ways to stay active

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