Huntington Selectman resigning

John McVeigh
Huntington Selectman John McVeigh will be resigning at the end of June to focus on other projects. (Photo by Amy Porter/The Westfield News)

HUNTINGTON, Mass. (The Westfield News) – Selectman John McVeigh turned in his resignation at Wednesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, effective June 30, 2017. He is in the first year of his second term as selectman with two years remaining, leaving an opening to be filled in this year’s town election.

McVeigh, who is employed by the Highland Ambulance EMS service in Goshen, said he is leaving to focus on obtaining his associate’s degree as a paramedic. McVeigh is also a captain in the Huntington Fire Department.

Jeffrey McKittrick, chair of the Selectmen, said McVeigh had done a lot of work for the town. He talked about his efforts to bring back fireworks and the fundraising he has done towards that goal, including a successful bonfire last fall.

McVeigh also served as point person on the restoration of Stanton Hall after a recent fire, and on refurnishing Town Hall offices and upgrading the wireless internet in both buildings.

McVeigh also announced Wednesday that the town will be receiving a grant of $4,500 from Hampshire Healthy Communities to establish a River Walk on the Westfield River behind Town Hall, and that he is looking into more grants to fund that project.

“I think you did a great job, John, and I hope you come back in two years,” McKittrick said.

McVeigh, who was also appointed to serve on the Green Community Committee on Wednesday, said he would stay involved with the projects that he had started.

“If you have a project for me, call me,” McVeigh said.