Huntington Select Board discusses security of bill payments

Huntington Selectmen
Huntington Selectmen meet with members of the Board of Health on Wednesday. (Photo by Amy Porter/The Westfield News)

HUNTINGTON, Mass. (The Westfield New) – At Wednesday’s Select Board meeting, the selectmen, including Jeffrey McKittrick, John McVeigh and Ed Renauld, spoke to the town’s tax collector, treasurer and Board of Health about how to establish a no cash policy for payments to the town. Renauld said it was a question of security.

McKittrick said they would like to avoid some of the problems others towns have had going into the future. Last month, LeeAnn Thompson, a former tax collector from the town of Blandford was indicted by a Hampden County Grand Jury for allegedly stealing $150,000 from the town from 2006 to 2011, much of it from cash payments.

“Let’s take it out of the equation,” McVeigh said.

Aimee Burnham, treasurer and Andrea McKittrick, tax collector both said some people prefer to pay in cash.

Burnham said if the town went to no cash, her process would not change at all. She said timely turnovers from other departments were more of a concern for her.

McKittrick said the auditors have approved their system of recording cash payments, which recently went to triplicate receipts at the auditors’ suggestion. She said she will encourage people to make payments in other ways.