Some local residents are happy, others are conflicted with the 45th President

It's still a conflict in some people's minds

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Both supporters and the people who had opposed a Trump presidency, are getting used to the fact that he’s the man who will run this country for the next 4-years.

“It was very great. It was touching. He’s going to make America better,” said Trump supporter Luis Rosado of Springfield, while discussing Donald Trump being sworn in as our 45th President.

It’s an image that, for some, is still sinking in. “He lost the popular vote, but he did get the electoral vote. So I’m not even sure how valid my vote even counts anymore. I don’t trust the man,” Mike Macierowski of Holyoke told 22News.

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It’s still a conflict in some people’s minds. Hillary Clinton had nearly 3-million more votes, but President Trump walked away with 304 electoral votes, far exceeding the 270 needed to win.

According to NBC News, Trump won 29% of the Hispanic vote and just 8% of black votes.

One of those voters, Luis Rosado of Springfield told 22News he got excited watching the inauguration because he thinks Trump will make America great again; “I like his toughness. He’s bringing a lot of jobs back to America. He’s not shipping them across seas. He always spoke his mind and one thing I like also is that he can’t be brought.”

Even people who didn’t vote for President Trump are hoping for a better future for their families.