Union Street accident reconstruction technology gathering information

Investigators can also get an idea of how fast the vehicle was going

Photo Courtesy: Springfield Police Department

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We are learning more Friday night about Tuesday’s deadly car accident in Springfield that killed 4 people and critically injured one other.

The 2011 Jeep SUV they were driving may be new enough to contain a data module. It’s similar to a black box recorder on aircraft.

Investigators and even dealerships can punch in the module’s code and it can tell them how fast the vehicle was traveling when it crashed. The SUV hit a tree on Tuesday on Union Street.

A police accident reconstruction team was back on Union Street this Friday morning.

Officer Manager, Pro Automotive Repair Lisa Denardo of Westfield told 22News, “In the newer vehicles, if the air bag is deployed there’s a module in there that can tell you the speed. As long as that air bag is deployed that module can tell you the speed that the vehicle was going at the time of the accident.”

Investigators can also get an idea of how fast the vehicle was going by measuring skid marks on the road if the driver hit the brake.

If any of the people inside was using a GPS, it may also be able to tell investigators details about their speed and their route. Family of the victims told 22News their kids didn’t know the jeep was stolen.

The only survivor is the driver, a 20 year old man.

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