State leaders, residents to be among the crowd at Trump’s inauguration

One congressional leader from Massachusetts is not attending the inauguration

WASHINGTON (WWLP) – Donald Trump will deliver his first speech as president of the United States Friday afternoon.

It’s a historic day for our country, and dozens of people from western Massachusetts told 22News they traveled all the way to D.C. to see it in person.

Crowds headed for the U.S. Capitol Friday morning
Crowds headed for the U.S. Capitol Friday morning

The inaugural address is scheduled to follow the swearing in ceremony, which will start around 11:00 a.m. Trump is expected to outline two goals in his speech: economic growth and security for our country.

Massachusetts resident Owen Sherderwan told 22News he thinks that’s exactly what both Democrats and Republicans want to hear. He said he thinks Trump’s speech will be able to make history by bringing our divided country together.

“It’s history for one thing, it’s a new guy that’s in office and he comes, from my perspective, he comes from a business background so I think he’s going to make a lot of change,” Sherderwan said. “I think he’s a good negotiator so I hope he brings everyone together.”

Historically, inaugural speeches have mentioned bringing the country together, which may be more difficult this year than previous years.

Thousands of Trump protesters are also in D.C. to demonstrate against the president-elect Friday and Saturday.


Several of our elected leaders from western Massachusetts have admitted they weren’t Trump supporters during the election, and they’re not Trump supporters now.

Regardless, Congressman Richard Neal and Senator Edward Markey both said they may be able to negotiate with Trump when it comes to issues like economic development and infrastructure in Massachusetts. Neal and Markey, as well as Congressman Jim McGovern, will attend Friday’s presidential inauguration.

McGovern told 22News despite his differences with the president-elect, he’s attending the inauguration to honor our country and our government.

“I’ve been to every inauguration since I first got elected in 1996 and I look at it as honoring the institution of the presidency, and not necessarily the person being sworn in,” McGovern said. “The very next day I’m going to be with my wife and my daughter at the women’s march here expressing our deep concerns about the policies of this incoming administration.”


Massachusetts Representative Katherine Clark will be the only congressional leader from Massachusetts who won’t be attending the inauguration.

The Melrose Democrat is joining more than 60 other congress members by boycotting the event.