Man attended every presidential inauguration since FDR

He is heading Washington D.C. for his 19th consecutive presidential inauguration.

(CNN) – A 91 year-old New Jersey man will be among those in attendance Friday for Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration. In fact, he’s attended every presidential inauguration for the last 76 years.

It was 76 years ago, January 20th, 1941 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “Democracy is not dying.”

Somewhere in the crowd 15 year old B. Harold Smick was watching on as President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his third inaugural address.

Smick said, “His voice was enough to bring us out of the greatest depression we ever had.”

Now 91 years old, the New Jersey native is heading to Washington D.C. for his 19th consecutive presidential inauguration.

Smick added. “That’s the real McCoy that I need to get in.”

His Salem home filled with mementos and photographs of each historical event to prove his perfect attendance.

He continued by saying, “You just feel like you’re on cloud nine or 12 even, because it’s historic and I love history.”

Smick, a democrat, voted for Hillary Clinton, and while some democrats are choosing to boycott the inauguration, Smick wouldn’t dream of it saying, “It’s my obligation to be there. I really think people should be required to vote.”

He’s making a point to support the incoming 45th president, Donald Trump.

He added, “I think he’s different. He certainly has, he’s quite a character and I pray that he’ll do a good job.”

Mr. Smick has a collection of every single president’s signature from president George Washington to President Barack Obama, and come Friday, he’ll add yet another signature.

It’s a feat few can say they have achieved saying, “I’m real proud and honored to be able to be so fortunate.”

To have a front row seat to history 19 times and counting.