Local Republicans cheer Trump inauguration in Wilbraham

About 100 attended inauguration party at Anchor House restaurant

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts supporters of the newly sworn-in 45th President of the United States celebrated Inauguration Day close to home.

No sooner had President Donald Trump taken the Oath of Office and given his acceptance speech, than the more than 100 at the Anchor House restaurant in Wilbraham erupted in an outburst of emotion.

The Wilbraham Republican Town Committee’s Joelene Guzzo told 22News that she is so pleased with this innaugural party for the president’s western Massachusetts supporters.

“I’m ecstatic beyond words. It’s like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July all rolled into one; a beauitful day!” Guzzo said.

Several Republicans attending the inaugural party weren’t Trump supporters early on, but came on board when the new president started winning primary after primary election. Sandy Hayslett of Feeding Hills urged skeptics to give the new president the benefit of the doubt.

“I think it’s wonderful. People feel like we’re being heard, to what it was like it used to be. Value success, caring; nobody’s prejudiced, we want things the way they were.” Hayslett said.

As part of their celebration, the crowd broke out in chants of “Donald! Donald! Donald!” when the new president’s image came on the screen during the viewing party.