Immigrant couple speak about their support of Trump

The official inauguration ceremony is set to start Friday

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – Donald Trump will take the presidential oath of office Friday, following a victory that many consider historic. Historic, in part, because of his ability to break with political conventions and appeal to voters in a way most couldn’t predict. His populist message, despite his hardline stance on immigration, wooed even non-native voters.

Born in Mexico, Mariano has never forgotten the day his parents told him they were sending him to relatives in America for a better life.

Trapped in communist Czechoslovakia, Andrea will never forget her first sense of America, drifting from the clean clothes of a visiting relatives open suitcase, laundry detergent.

Today. Mariano and Andrea are married and raising two daughters in Arizona. Still in love with America. They also love Donald Trump.

The couple has never been shy about their Trump support.

Besides being immigrants, Andrea and Mariano are conservative brought up with strong ideas up bringing faith, family and right and wrong.

Mariano said, “It’s not that I’m opposed to people coming over, but what I want is for them to come over here legally.”

Andrea and Mariano say immigration reform is needed, and they believe Trump is just the man to do it.

The official inauguration ceremony is set to start Friday morning in Washington.