Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant awaiting approval in decommissioning process

The nuclear power plant's owner shut it down because it became unprofitable

VERNON, Vt. (WWLP) – Entergy Corporation shut down the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in December of 2014. The company has been decommissioning the plant since it was shut down.

The plant generated 70 percent of all electricity in Vermont for more than 42 years. It also provided hundreds of jobs to people in three states, including Massachusetts.

“Hate to see it go, it was a good source of power and they were good people,” said Kevin Turnley of Vernon, Vermont.

The nuclear power plant’s owner, Entergy shut it down because it became unprofitable. Entergy agreed to sell it to New York-based NorthStar Group Services to complete the decommissioning of the plant.

“They will be able to complete the decommission far sooner than Entergy would be able to complete it,” said Mike Twomey, Vice President of External Affairs for Entergy. “They have a better cost structure, more expertise, and they got access to fix price contracts among various suppliers.”

Twomey told 22News the sale has to be approved by the state of Vermont’s Public Service Board and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission before they close the deal.

The decommissioning would include the removal of the plant’s reactor, as well as radioactive materials from the site.

Twomey said with NorthStar, the restoration of the site could be completed by 2030.