Photographing your child: don’t miss the memories!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  They say time flies, so it’s important to record the memories with photos! Tani Dugger is the owner of Insight Photography  and she’s got some milestones for us to pay attention to.

The First Two Weeks:
They’re just so small in these first few days. While this small and tiny and adorable stage may feel like an eternity, it really only lasts a week or two. Two week photos are intimate and are all about the connections between mom and baby, or dad and baby, or siblings and baby.

This is truly the only time that the words “sleep like a baby” hold true, and these photos will capture the most precious, peaceful, and snuggly time of their lives.

3-5 Months (picking up head, smiling big, and engaging):
This is that singular moment, that fleeting time that feels so long but is gone before you know it. This is when you can get those naked, smiling, and ridiculously cute images; when they are lifting up heads on their own, lying on their bellies, or on their backs, discovering their feet and putting them in their mouths. Once they start sitting, crawling, and walking, those moments are never going to happen again. People tend to forget about these precious moments, and you don’t want to think “remember when?” You want to have these photos.

6-9 months (sitting):
Six month olds are just starting to explore the world around them. Six to nine month images capture the excitement in their eyes about the simplest things- like getting to pick up a toy or anticipating being tickled! It’s a great time to take a picture of them planted in the middle of dad’s feet or a picture of mom swinging them around in the air. These kids are so proud of just being able to sit up!

9-12 months (crawling):
And there goes baby’s butt crawling away! Even if they’re not crawling, they’ve got the “baby rock”. Capture them building the first momentum to propel themselves into their amazing young lives forward. They’ve figured out they can move, and they love it- hold onto these moments forever.

12-18 months (first steps):
It is an amazing thing when our babies are just starting to walk. They don’t know what they’re doing, but they are proud just the same. Full of determination, they throw themselves off balance, knowing that they might fall down, then falling down, getting back up, and doing it over and over again.

Later on, we often start to fear falling down. These images are a powerful metaphor. One that we as parents can turn to when our children are older. First steps images are excellent for teaching them how to walk through life.

18 months – 5 years (toddlers):
While there are not as many milestones during this period, children still change drastically from year to year. They begin losing their baby features, turning into little girls and boys. It’s amazing how early their personal style begins to come out, and how quickly it can feel like their personalities change.

You find yourself saying, “Wow, you’re becoming a real person! How did that happen?!” Fortunately (and unfortunately) you can’t stop them from growing up, but at least you can hold onto the moment with Insight Photography.