Toxic bosses are bad for business

NEW YORK (CNN) – Think your boss is the worst?

Well, if your boss is a bully, that behavior might be affecting not only your mental health, but your behavior on the job as well.

Toxic work environments are not only bad for employees, they’re bad for businesses, too.

A study published by the British Psychological Society found that people whose bosses display narcissistic or psychopathic traits not only feel more depressed, they are also more likely to engage in undesirable behaviors on the job.

Researchers at the University of Manchester’s business school analyzed information from some 1,200 participants, who were asked about their own psychological health, their manager’s personality and the prevalence of workplace bullying.

Participants reported lower job satisfaction and scored higher on a clinical measure of depression when they worked with supervisors who exhibited a strong desire for power and a lack of empathy.

Investigators found that incidents of counterproductive work behavior and bullying were higher in these environments, potentially impacting the bottom line.

The lead researcher said the study indicates that managers who exhibit these “dark” traits can be bad news for organizations, because they can create a toxic working environment for all involved.

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