Remains of former Railroad Salvage building demolished

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – The last of the burned out Railroad Salvage building came down on Monday. It took only 4 hours to demolish what was left of the burned out mill building on Power Street in Turners Falls.

Fire destroyed the former railroad salvage building New Year’s Eve morning. Fire chief John Zellmann told 22News what remained of the building was unstable and in danger of collapsing.

A judge granted the Town’s request to tear down what was left of the building after the property owners failed to do it on their own. The demolition process started at 9 a.m. Monday and was done by 1 p.m. It was expected to take four days.

“There were four story sections of spires of brick and that all came down in a few hours,” building inspector David Jensen explained. “They were shaky. When the machine touched them you could seem them oscillating.” Jensen told 22News the town budgeted $20,000 dollars for the demolition.

With the demolition done, Fire Chief John Zellman said Power Street will reopen on Tuesday after being closed for two weeks.

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