Potholes may impact your vehicles alignment

Four wheel re-alignment can cost you around $80

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) РPotholes continue to be a problem in parts of Western Massachusetts. Local residents told 22News potholes, like the one at 1400 Riverdale Street in West Springfield, only seem to be getting bigger.

Specialists at Preferred Auto in West Springfield said just because a pothole doesn’t pop one of your tires, doesn’t mean it hasn’t damaged your vehicle.

“The alignment is basically a stationary position, the alignment is there so you don’t ware tires. If it gets knocked off again, you will do some damage to the suspension itself,” said Rick Larive, the owner of Preferred Auto.

Potholes can require replacing a tire or even an entire wheel. If your alignment is thrown off by a pothole, four wheel re-alignment can cost you around $80.

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