Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight

On February 16th, she'll speak at a ceremony in New York

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton’s most high-profile public appearance since the election will be on Friday; she’ll be in attendance when Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

However, it won’t be her first foray out of the political woods. In fact, she’s been spotted everywhere, both in the woods and on the town.

She was captured in a succession of selfies showcasing her with supporters who still tweet: #I’mwithher. There’s even a Twitter handle dubbed “hrcinthewild” with more than 33,000 followers documenting the former Presidential contender’s every move.

Hillary has maintained a subtle yet steady public presence since her loss, first speaking out about the agony of defeat at a charity gala for the children’s defense fund on November 16th. She said, “There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.”

Since then Hillary has left her home time and time again. She honored pop star Katy Perry during a surprise appearance at the Unicef Snowflake Ball, drawing on Perry’s steadfast spirit in her speech. She said, “Someone whose powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us, when you get knocked down, to get back up!”

She re-emerged in Washington, showing her comedic side at the unveiling of retired senate minority leader Harry Reid’s portrait; “This is not exactly the speech at the Capitol I hoped to be giving after the election.”

Hillary sat front and center at a state Department Museum dedication at the beginning of the new year, as one of four secretaries of state honored with an exhibition hall in her name.

It’s those unscripted moments her fan base seems to treasure most. Like showing up at Broadway shows like “The Humans” on Sunday afternoon, and “The Color Purple” last week, or when she was spotted at her granddaughter’s ballet recital. She was candid in a way people didn’t always see during the campaign.

Julian Zelizer said, “She was someone who didn’t like to let her guard down, she was someone who didn’t like to show people who she was outside of candidate Clinton, and now after having lost she feels more comfortable doing that. It’s not a total surprise, she’s not running anymore.”

The inauguration isn’t Hillary Clinton’s last scheduled appearance. On February 16th, she’ll speak at a ceremony in New York honoring fashion designer Oscar de la Renta to mark the issuance of a stamp featuring him.