Lack of snow impacts snow plow businesses

Last winter, western Massachusetts received just 17 inches of snow

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Not everyone is enjoying the warm temperatures. The January thaw, has plow truck drivers, asking “Where’s the snow?”

So far this year, western Massachusetts has received 14 and half inches of snow, compared to just 17 inches last winter.

Plow truck driver John Hackett, has plowed snow three or four times this winter.

Hackett told 22News, “I mean, I just don’t make money. It really hurts this year, because we had such a bad winter last year without snow. It’s just a little disappointing, especially since we’re in New England. So it normally does snow and two years in a row, it’s getting pretty tough.”

Last winter, western Massachusetts received just 17 inches of snow. Not much, especially, if your livelihood depends on a bad winter.

This year, western Massachusetts is on track to beat that number. The Pioneer Valley has already received 14 and half inches of snow. Hackett has a few requests for Mother Nature.

Hackett said, “I would like a few more storms in January and a few in February, and hopefully a few in the beginning of March, and then hopefully, it dries up and we can be out for April.”

Normally at this time of year, western Massachusetts averages about 20 inches of snow, we’re currently about six inches below that mark.