Bus driver saves 2 women, infant from car fire

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – A Madison, Wisconsin bus driver is being called a hero after a car fire on his route earlier this week.

Vincent Hopkins says every shift driving for Metro Transit is different, but what happened Monday night in front of Memorial Union on Langdon Street was a first.

“There was a car that pulled up and it was smoking. The lady asked for help. I went over to her and I could immediately smell the fire, the burning rubber. The interior door wouldn’t open from the inside so I opened it from the outside for her. There was another lady on the inside of the car. Woke her up, and there was an infant in the back, got them all out, got them all on the bus,” said Hopkins.

From there, Hopkins called his dispatcher. Before crews arrived, he grabbed a fire extinguisher from the bus and put the fire out.

“It ignited back up, I emptied the fire extinguisher on it. The fire department showed up. That was it. I don’t think I’m a hero. This is everyday operations. I appreciate it, but this is everyday operations. Part of the job. We’re out here on the streets to serve the public and we have to keep our eyes open.”

Mick Rusch, the Madison Metro Transit Marketing Manager, said: “It makes me personally very proud to work here to hear about these things. […] If there’s something going on, and you see a bus, and you need some sort of assistance, our drivers will help you. They are really close in touch with the police department. We can get the police there, the fire department there.”

Vincent says he’s glad he was there. “It’s a blessing. Who knows what would have happened if the streets were empty that night.”