Dashcam relased in Troup County deputy’s shooting

"...I got shot at twice. I can verify he's been hit at least once."

LAGRANGE, Georgia (WXIA) – Dashcam video was released Thursday showing a gunfight between a 28-year-old Lagrange man and a Troup County deputy.

Matthew Edmondson faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, aggravated assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime and false imprisonment, after allegedly shooting Deputy Michael Hockett outside his home on Monday.

Hockett arrived at Edmondson’s home on a wellness check at the request of his father, who was concerned about his well-being. When the deputy arrived, he exited his vehicle and scaled a fence to go around the house, which can be seen on Hockett’s dashcam.

While Hockett was behind the house, Edmondson could be seen driving up next to Hockett’s cruiser in a pick-up, getting out and, apparently striking the cruiser with some sort of object. After a time, Edmondson opened the gate and pulled into the yard before getting out of the truck, and firing a large caliber handgun at the patrol car.

“Sheriff’s Department!” Hockett could be heard yelling after each shot, in an attempt to get Edmondson’s attention.

Edmondson got back into the truck and pulled around the rear of the house.

“No! Put it down! Put it down! Please,” Hockett could be heard yelling, in response to gunshots that could be heard. No words were heard from Edmondson. “No! No!”

Hockett could be seen running from around the house, back toward the patrol car, out front. Edmonson ran, a distance behind.

Hockett hopped the fence and ducked to the right of the camera’s view, apparently toward the rear of the patrol car. As Edmondson got to the fence, he leaned over the top and aimed the handgun, then fired at Deputy Hockett. Hockett returned fire, striking Edmondson at least once.

Edmondson ran off, back toward the house.

“I’m hit,” Hockett said, as he climbed into the patrol car. “Shots are fired.”

He drove off, accelerating away on West Point Road.

“I’m hit,” he repeated.

“Copy,” the radio said. “Officer hit at 61 Jackson Street.”

“I’m back in the car,” Hockett said as he continued driving, his breathing heavy with tension.

After a moment, he began to get his breathing back under control.

“Nine-one, I’m back in my vehicle,” he said. “I’m on West Point Road, I’ve left the scene. He damaged my vehicle pretty bad. I took — I got shot at twice. I can verify he’s been hit at least once.”

“Copy you’re on West Point Road, please advise location you’ve been shot,” the dispatcher said.

“I can’t yet,” Hockett said. “I’m heading toward the railroad tracks, on West Point. I think I was just grazed.”

Hockett kept driving, and eventually pulled into a convenience store after he made sure Edmondson had not followed him.

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