UMass Amherst program helps students party smarter

169 parties have been registered since September at UMass

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Party Smart Program started in September at UMass Amherst, allowing students to register their off-campus parties with police.

Police give the host a courtesy phone call and 20 minutes to break the party up. The goal of the program is to reduce noise complaints and help students become better neighbors in the Amherst community. The Party Smart Program hopes the chance to avoid a fine for a noise violation gives students an incentive to sign up.

Third year UMass student Guy Junior said, “I’ve been to a couple of parties on campus that actually had it, and it was actually a lot safer to be there.” However, Junior said some people might not show up if they know you’ve registered a party.

Some students said they were still hesitant to try it. Junior Silvy Saltzman  said, “I have had a few, and we didn’t register them because we were nervous if we did register them, the police would know we were having a party and if they saw kids coming in and out of the house they would just come and break it up”.

According to the school’s website, 169 parties have been registered since September. Of the 169 parties, the school said 13 received courtesy calls from police regarding noise complaints. None of those parties required further action from police following the phone call.