Taking Control of Your Paper Piles

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  It’s so easy to just keep piling papers on your desks at work and home, but it’s time to take control! Professional Organizer, The Functional Organizer Rick Woods is here to show us how to take control of your paper piles.

7 Steps to Organize Your Paper Clutter

1. Prevent paper from getting in the way. Purge old non-essential paper in existing filing systems. Cancel that magazine or newspaper subscription you rarely read. Try recycling junk mail into your big bin outside before you even enter the house.
2. Have a small decorative recycling bin in kitchen or one hidden inside a lower cabinet.
3. Create a home for your paper, like an easy to use filing system. The more portable and smaller the better.
4. Create a checklist of key categories you are always referring to in your home. taxes, bills, education, investments, medical, school sports, clubs, etc. the broader the category the better.
5. Use that checklist to label your files. Write neatly in all capital letters or use a labeler. File the checklist into a dedicated folder in front of your filing system. This is your table of contents, so when you need to retrieve something, you know it’s in one of these categories.
6. Sort new paper directly into these files, so your tables and countertops will be clear of paper clutter.
7. Use a digital calendar or paper calendar to remind yourself to pay bills or bring certain documents with you to appointments.