One pound puppy gets adopted

She'll join the family's other five pound Chihuahua at home

(Credit: CNN/WISN)

(CNN) – The Wisconsin Humane Society says it’s adopted out its smallest dog ever.

Barely bigger than a large apple, a coffee mug, a hank the dog bobble head, and with an 8 week old kitten towering over her, little Thumbelina holds her own, tipping the scale at just over a pound.

New owner Mia Stache said, “She’s really small and just needed a good home.”

This tiny Chihuahua is heading home with the Stache family, making her the smallest dog ever adopted from the humane society.

The three month old was surrendered to the Racine campus just before thanksgiving and has been with a foster family ever since. She is small in stature, but playful and already making new friends, as she’ll join the family’s other five pound Chihuahua at home.

Brent Stache noted, “While little Thumbelina is off to her new home, there are 25 other dogs available here at the Milwaukee campus that are in need of a good home.”

According to Guinness World Records, the smallest living dog in the world is Miracle Milly, a 6-year-old Chihuahua who weighs one pound and lives in Puerto Rico.