Where in the world is Sasha Obama?

Google searches for Sasha spiked over searches for Malia

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – When Sasha Obama was a no-show at her dad’s farewell address Tuesday night, the internet went hunting for the 15-year-old.

We watched her grow from a kid to a teenager, from petting a turkey to barely putting up with the turkey pardon. But when President Obama delivered his swan song, only one of his daughters was there.

While Malia shed a tear, Sasha had disappeared, inspiring the hashtag “Where is Sasha.” A tweet featuring binoculars asked: “but for real, where is Sasha Obama?” And there was this answer: “hopefully blocking the driveway to the White House” so the next occupant can’t move in.

As the president spoke, Google searches for Sasha spiked over searches for Malia.

The White House says Sasha couldn’t come to Chicago because she had an exam the next morning at her private school in Washington.