Surveillance cameras catch robber in the act

Cameras captured this robber's every move

FALL RIVER, R.I. (CNN) – A Fall River convenience store recently fell victim to armed robbers. Now, we are getting a firsthand look at surveillance video that captured the whole thing –and hearing from the man who was held up.

“Friday night before the big snow storm, a robber in Fall River targeted this convenience store but little did he know, he would have an about 16 cameras catching him in the act.”

Cameras captured this robber’s every move, and the two workers inside the country farms convenience store remembered exactly what he said.

“Give me money, I kill you.” They say they knew he was serious, because he showed a weapon. “Definitely a knife.”

One victim didn’t want to be identified, but shared the store’s surveillance video from several angles—showing the man covering his face with a ski mask and keeping a hand in his back pocket.

“He’s coming at the register, showed me the knife, and he telling me give me all the money. So i just opened the register and he grabbed all the money and got out of the store.”

The robber was in and out of the store so quick, he didn’t realize there were so many cameras pointed at him. 25 to 28 seconds.

But the victim tells me it was just enough time to get away with about one thousand dollars. He immediately called police to report the robbery, and he said officers responded within minutes.

He described the suspect as a thin, white man about six foot one, in his mid-20s to early 30s with a thin pointed nose. He doesn’t recognize the man at all but now he says he has this lasting image in his mind that he’ll never forget.

“I’m very scared. I’m not sleeping, like three or four days.” Despite all the cameras, Fall River police still haven’t caught the suspect. If you have any information, give them a call.

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