TSA: Over 3,000 firearms found in carry-on bags

The TSA reports that 83% of those guns were found loaded

(Credit TSA)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – An alarming new report from the Transportation Security Administration.

3,391, that’s the number of firearms found in passenger carryon bags at 238 airports across the country. It’s a more than 28% increase from the number of guns found in 2015 and averages to more than 9 guns discovered each day.

The TSA reports that 83% of those guns were found loaded, and it’s not just guns. They reportedly found:

  • Grenades
  • Ax’s
  • Machetes
  • Ninja stars
  • Nun chucks
  • Sharp objects concealed in lipsticks, pens, keys, and bottles of pills.

Current law allows you to travel with a firearm in your checked baggage but only after you declare it with the airline. After another mass shooting at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, travelers told 22News they’re concerned.

“I spent 10 years in jail as a guard and they used to make their own weapons. I’ve seen everything from a razor blade melted into a toothbrush to shanks. I’m not all that surprised that you have it in the airports and God bless those guys at the TSA, they’ve got their hands full,” said William Lynch III of Easthampton.

If your flying and you’re unsure if your items is allowed on a plane, the TSA has an online tool where you can check.

They want to remind you that when they need to search a bag, the line slows down for everybody.

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