Video shows Peter Pan bus crash into Granby home

Video shows bus driver being tossed out of seat

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GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) –  A Peter Pan bus crashed into the home on Route 116, after first hitting an oil truck parked on the side of the road. 22News returned to the house Thursday where reconstruction is underway. The homeowner refused to go on camera, but confirmed she’s still living there.

We then went to the police department to get the video from inside that bus that shows the moments leading up to the crash and the crash itself. In the video, the bus driver is not wearing a seat belt.

On Amherst Road, the bus clips an oil truck despite the driver’s efforts to avoid it. Upon impact, the driver is seen flying to the right, down into the stairwell. The bus keeps moving during the 8 seconds the driver is out of his seat, heading through several backyards before making it to 664 Amherst Rd. A tree broke through the windshield moments before the bus hit the house.

The driver was actually lucky he wasn’t in the seat when that tree came through the windshield; as you see in the video, the window crashed and the front end of the bus smashed where the driver would have been sitting. He and one of his 5 passengers suffered minor injuries.

Neighbor Patrick LaBonte didn’t see the crash, but told 22News he could’ve easily been the victim, saying, “I’m happy that nobody got hurt. Of course, it could have been coming this way too, and woah, here I am.”

Peter Pan Vice President of Safety and Security Chris Crean told 22News the bus driver is currently on “investigative suspension,” but is considering retiring after his 42 years with the company. Peter Pan Bus Company says the driver had never had a serious accident before this.

The bus driver admits he made a mistake.

You can watch the video below: