Letting your car run while unattended is against state law

Fines start at $100 and rise to $500 for repeat violations.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Leaving your car running unattended is illegal. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just for a couple minutes. According to state law, you can’t leave your vehicle running unattended for any amount of time. You can leave it running for up to five minutes, but only if you are in the vehicle.

Leaving your car unattended while you warm it up increases the risk for car thefts and the possibility of your car moving without a driver. It’s also not good for the environment because the exhaust sends pollution into the air.

Greenfield Police told 22News even if you have a car starter, you technically still have to be with the vehicle. “The car starters are perfect when you are defrosting your car and you’re with your car,” Lt. William Gordon explained. “Tou don’t have to worry about people jumping into your car because there is anti-theft devices. But you still have to be with your vehicle.

Lt. Gordon told 22News that police and fire vehicles, ambulances, and large delivery trucks are exceptions to the law. You can be fined $100 if you are found with an unattended running car and $500 dollars every time afterwards.