Connecticut teen rescued from frozen lake

The teen was taken to an area hospital for treatment

(CNN) – A rescue caught on camera. A Connecticut firefighter crawls on very thin ice to save a teen who fell into the freezing water.

The fireman was two-year veteran Jeremy Hiriak. “I just asked him his name, I grabbed onto him, and said, ‘I have you, I’m not going to let you go and we’re going to get you out of here.”

This rescue came in the pond at Adelbrook School – it’s one that serves students with special needs. Officials say this teen wandered onto the ice.

School officials called 9-1-1 and crews got there in a minute. Hiriak was one of them. “Police Department was there first, they were trying to talk him off the ice.”

Coaxing him didn’t work and with temperatures in the 50s, the ice was very thin. “Next thing you know we watched him fall through the ice and into the water.”

That’s when Hiriak suited up and went out on his very first ice rescue. With waters freezing, he knew it was a race against time. “When we got halfway out I crawled out to him, that’s what we do, we crawl to him. We anticipate that you’re probably going to fall in as well and you get a hold of him and then you’ll be able to crawl out.”

Sliding back to safety with Hiriak, officials say the teen was in the water for just three minutes. With his first effort a successful one, many think of Hiriak as a hero.

But he says, “I’m just doing what I’m trained to do and doing what I love to do.”

The teen was taken to an area hospital for treatment. His condition is not known.

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