Coffee prices set to rise again

There is one shot of good news

(CNN) – Talk about a buzzkill. Your morning cup of coffee may get more expensive.

The owner of big brands like Folgers and Cafe Bustelo will raise prices by an average of six percent. So if three pounds of coffee typically costs about $15, you will now spend nearly a dollar more.

If you like to buy Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at the grocery store, you’ll see the same kind of price hike.

Smucker, the company that owns or distributes these brands, says it’s raising prices because of an increase in green coffee costs.

Starbucks has also jolted prices several times. In July, some of its coffee and espresso drinks became 10 to 30 cents more expensive. And in November, the price of some of its iced beverages went up.

But there is a shot of good news. K-cup pods for the Smucker coffee brands like Folgers will not go up. At least not now.

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