Woman charged with hate crime after Facebook live

Jametski's attorney declined a request for comment

(CNN) – A woman was charged with a hate crime after she posted a racially charged rant on Facebook live last month.

Sandra Jametski’s late November rant on Facebook live went on more than ten minutes. It began with her following a car owned by a latino family from white center.

A year earlier, prosecutors say she was involved in a traffic crash with the same family.

Jametski said, “Yeah this is what we call Spanish privilege and she’s going to right where I used to live! Welcome to my neighborhood!”

Jametski’s video shows her following the car as it makes every turn. “We don’t drive like we’re in Mexico, lady!”

As she followed the car to a school, her rage kept building. “I was going to therapy and now I’m going to be late.”

At the school Jametski got out of the car and yelled at the woman, used a racial slur, and according to prosecutors, made threats and admitted to stalking.

Jametski said, “That corvette that keeps coming by your house, that’s me.”

Someone at the school recognized Sandra Jametski, found her Facebook live video, and sent a link to the victim, who called police.”

Mike Hogan prosecutes hate crimes in king county. He charged Jametski with malicious harassment, a felony.

When asked “At one point did she cross the line into criminal behavior?”  Mike Hogan responded, “Well the state’s theory is she clearly crosses the line when she parks her car, she confronts the targeted Hispanic woman as she’s screaming at her about her ancestry.”

Hogan says the video is evidence of what motivated Jametski. “You can be as obnoxious and vulgar as you want as long as you’re not threatening others.

Hogan says the victim feared for her family’s safety and he says she did the right thing by calling police.

Jametski had pleaded not guilty. Her attorney declined a request for comment.