Hedgehogs & a ‘Zoo on the Go’!

CHICOPEE, MA. (Mass Appeal) – If you are looking to spend a day with furry friends and want to do it in the convenience in your own home, you’re in luck! The Zoo at Forest Park offers a “zoo on the go” option which brings the zoo to you!  Ben Stafford told us more and brought a hedgehog!

Zoo in Forest Park

  • Explore nature. Discover wildlife. Meet exotic creatures.
  • 302 Sumner Ave, Springfield, MA
  • Visit ForestParkZoo.org
  • 413-733-2251
  • Hours of Operation:
    Monday – Friday 10AM – 4PM
    Saturday/Sunday 9AM – 5PM
    (Weather Permitting)

Interested in a Zoo Membership?
All memberships include:

  • Free zoo admission
  • Discounts in and around Forest Park
  • Free parking pass
  • Discounts to other parks and more!

Zoo On The Go

  • A Zoo On the Go Program is an educational outreach program that brings live animals, artifacts, and other educational materials to schools, day care centers, hospitals, retirement centers, camps, and other locations. This innovative program features a variety of animal ambassadors and artifacts.
  • Zoo On The Go Presentations are designed to provide information about the animals, their special adaptations, habitats, behavior, diets, and status in the wild. Sessions provide an opportunity for students to touch and observe the animals, as well as ask individual questions. Special topics can also be arranged to correspond with classroom projects.
  • Each Zoo On The Go presentation is $200.00, plus a travel fee. The presentations will last approximately one hour and are created for a maximum of 30 people. Several sessions may be arranged ahead of time for larger groups.