A future without work? Economists say 47% of jobs will disappear

Advance of computer technology and robotics making many jobs obsolete

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Economists at Oxford University predict that about half of all jobs will disappear within the next 25 years.

Instead of a future that promotes job growth, economists are predicting 47% of jobs will be taken by artificial intelligence, robots, and other technology.

So far, most of the loss has been in the form of manufacturing jobs, but accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and financial analysts’ jobs are not safe, either. Economists predict that computers will perform complex tasks more cheaply than people, and will be able to make both financial and medical decisions, bringing about a reduced chance for fraud or misdiagnosis.

Lisa Mascaro, who works as a property manager, told 22News that 25 years of change may happen sooner than we think.

“I think anything is pretty much possible. I came to adulthood before the Internet was in place, so it’s been a whirlwind. Who knows what 25 more years will bring?” Mascaro said.

Both Mascaro and economists recognize that there are jobs that robots simply cannot do, which require human contact and emotion. Still, these same economists have not created a list of jobs that people should be pursuing that they predict will stay safe.