Why a big warm up is coming, and why it won’t last

Temperatures to reach the 50's Thursday, but back down for the weekend

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – These past three mornings have been frigid, with temperatures starting near or below zero. But we may get a big break from the cold this week.

Thursday is expected to be the warmest of the next few days. We have low pressure to our north, spinning counter-clockwise, and high pressure to our south spinning clockwise. The influences of both bring a southwest wind into New England, and that means warming temperatures.

Let’s take it day-by-day:

  • Later Tuesday, cold air gets pushed out as the winds drive-in increased warmth.
  • Wednesday is more of a transition day, as the cold air gets pushed north of us, with the mildest air still waiting to arrive.
  • Thursday, that mild air is on top of us, with southwest winds driving the temperatures up. Unfortunately, more cold air waits to our northwest.
  • Friday will be a transition between mild and cold, as the temperatures drop, but stay above average.
  • Temperatures chill back down to average as we head into the weekend.

For more details on the timing of these temperature changes, check out the latest 22News Storm Team 7 Day Forecast.