What to buy (and skip) in January

(CNN) – If saving a few bucks is part of your new year’s resolution, January is a great time to cash in.

According to research done by the folks at Nerdwallet, Christmas decorations are one of the best buys after the holidays.

Clearance isles will be filled with artificial trees, ornaments and wrapping paper, so stock up, TV’s are another great buy.

With the end of football season approaching, retailers kick off sales near the end of January, right in time for Superbowl Sunday and you might’ve guessed fitness gear and memberships are also great deals.

Gyms often discount rates for new members looking to lose a few of those holiday pounds.  With all the great buys, there are a few you might want to skip, Nerdwallet suggests passing on toys.

With Christmas and Hanukkah over, you won’t see too many retailers discounting them for a while, smart phones are another item to hold off on.

If you’re an iPhone user, new models are usually released in September after the annual new product unveiling.

For Samsung loyalists, the new galaxy is expected to arrive in April.

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