How do potholes form?

When you see a pothole its best to just avoid it safely

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Potholes have been a major problem this time of year in Chicopee in other towns in western Massachusetts.

There is nothing scarier than when you’re in the car and you hit a pothole, hoping you didn’t flatten your tire. Potholes can come in different shapes and sizes and can easily bend your rim or pop your tire altogether.

Potholes are created when water seeps into the road, and when the temperature drops, the water freezes under the pavement. That causes the pavement to expand and contract because the frozen water is taking up space under the road.

This causes the road to crack and bend. It can even break up the road altogether. As the weight of the cars drive over the pavement it weakens the roads even more, and can break up the road in more pieces.

When you do see a pothole do your best to avoid it safely.

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