Turners Falls seeking permission to tear down burned building

Turners Falls Fire Chief said the structure is unstable and could collapse

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – A burned out mill building in Turners Falls will now require legal action to be taken down.

Town officials will have to go to court to get permission to bring down the former Railroad Salvage building they claim is a public safety hazard. Much of the building, which was once the Railroad Salvage store, was destroyed in a fire on New Year’s Eve morning.

According to Turners Falls Fire Chief John Zellmann, what remains of the structure is unstable and could collapse at any time. The owners of the property were given until last Friday to begin demolition but failed to do so.

As a result, the town will be in court on Tuesday seeking approval to start their own demolition. The town determined that owners were from the Solutions Consulting Group LLC.

Steven Ellis, the Town Administrator of Montague, said, “Given uncertainties about the status of the LLC solutions, that was the last recorded owner, that we have all proper legal backing and authority, before taking any action.”

Ellis also told 22News the owners have approximately $50,000 in unpaid taxes on the property and said they hope to begin redevelopment on the site after the building is taken down.

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