Technology hits the road in Detroit

The North American International Auto Show takes place this week in Detroit.

(NBC News) The North American International Auto Show opens Monday in Detroit.

If it’s got four wheels and fenders, chances are you’ll find it there.

The concept cars are cool, but in an industry coming off an unprecedented seventh year of record sales, the spotlight is on the moneymakers.

“I would call it almost return to basics,” says Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst for “There are a lot of cars here that may not be the flashiest of car, but they are the workhorses of the United States.”

For many of the new models, the engine driving sales is not necessarily horsepower, but technology.

Cameras, connected cars, and self-driving vehicles are all getting a lot of attention.

Most analysts agree the autonomous or self-driving cars are still five to ten years away from being a regular part of the daily commute for drivers.

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