Pet Corner: Bella

Breed: American pit bull mix
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Color: Light brown


Bella is a very sweet-natured young girl. She had poor care in her previous home, so she’s learning a lot of things later in life than most dogs. She loves being petted, and she gets more confident every day. The best home for Bella would be one without other pets; she should be the only pet. Kids of all ages are fine, because she loves people of all ages. Bella has great trust in people and will be a terrific companion for some person or family. Come meet her at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.

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Events/Other Topics

Dog Training Classes in January at Dakin’s Springfield and Leverett locations

Here are our upcoming classes. Visit the Dakin website for class details and online registration:

  • Basic Manners – starts 1/10/17 in Springfield – 5 weeks
  • Basic Manners – starts 1/11/17 in Springfield – 5 weeks
  • Puppy Kindergarten – starts 1/11/17 in Springfield – 5 weeks
  • Fun Rally Obedience Training – starts 1/14/17 in Leverett – 5 weeks
  • Puppy Kindergarten Through Basic Training – starts 1/14/17 in Leverett – 8 weeks
  • Basic Manners – starts 1/21/17 in Leverett – 5 weeks

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