Massachusetts open burning season begins next week

In places where it's allowed, open burning must take place between 10 and 4 during the day

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – In less than a week, open burning season starts again in Massachusetts. Many homeowners use this time to burn brush and other debris in their yards.

“It’s all branches and trees that we’ve cut down through the summer and the fall, so we want to get rid of that,” said Doreen Morin of Bernardston.

However, there are items you cannot burn, including construction materials, grass, hay, leaves, and stumps. Fire pits are also subject to open burning regulations. In places where it’s allowed, open burning must take place between 10 and 4 during the day and must be done at least 75 feet from any building.

These regulations begin January 15th and stay into effect until May 1st and in most communities including Turners Falls you need to contact the fire department to get a permit to do any sort of open burning.

“They have to call everyday on our about they burn we have to check the Mass DEP website to make sure air quality is ok to burn that day,” said Turners Falls Fire Chief John Zellmann.

Chief Zellmann told 22News they issue fewer permits later in the season when fire risk increases. He recommends having a garden hose or a rake handy, and never leave a fire unattended..

22 Massachusetts cities and towns, including Chicopee and Springfield, prohibit open burning because of population and building proximity.

Click here for a complete list of all cities and towns where open burning is prohibited.