Tips for staying safe on the ice

There's really no ice that can be declared safe ice

NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) – After that ice tragedy involving that 53-year old man, 22News is working for you on how to keep you and your family safe, while enjoying winter activities on the ice.

Northampton Fire Department told 22News that staying off the ice is the only way to assure your safety, as well as your family’s, but if you decide to venture out, never go alone.

It’s that time of the year, where the Northampton Fire Department said, they see more people out on the ice.

There’s really no ice that can be declared safe ice. Deputy Fire Chief Christopher Norris told 22News, the only safe ice, is the ice at your local skating rink.

Deputy Chief Norris said, “With all the different depths, the temperatures, the currents from springs, different objects that are in these bodies of water, it really fluctuates the depth of the ice, throughout the year.” He also recommends you never go out alone. Norris continued, saying, “Obviously we want them to be safe. Be out there with friends, family, so they’re not out there by themselves.”

Always keep your pets on a leash, but if they fall into the water, Call 911.

“All of our equipment is applicable to animals, as well,” said Deputy Chief Norris.

He also said, if someone you know does fall into the water, remember this phrase, “Reach-Throw-Go.” If you’re unable to reach your friend, throw them a rope. If that doesn’t help, go for help.