Homeowners fight back with security cameras

There has been a rash of vehicle break-in in one Indianapolis community

(CNN) – Residents in one community in the Indianapolis area are reporting a rash of vehicle break-ins. The police have been involved, but some are also taking matters into their own hands. One home was well equipped with security cameras in practically every corner.

Josh Ray, one of the residents, said, “We get notifications when somebody drives by-when somebody’s walking up to the door-and we’re constantly looking to see who it is.”

Early Thursday morning was no different. The camera was rolling when a van pulls up across the street. A suspect gets out and races down the street. About eight minutes later, that person returns to the van, which then speeds off.

Neighbors have made their way to Josh Ray’s home in hopes of catching a glimpse of what his cameras might’ve captured.

Faith Murawski, whose stepson truck was targeted said, “It was locked. They keep them locked because they have thousands of dollars of tools in their trucks.”

The thieves who targeted the truck have gotten away with around $1,500 worth of tools.

Murawski continued on, “The seats were pulled forward and the extension cords were all over the seats and all of his tools were gone.”

Several other residents took to the Franklin Township crime Facebook page to share similar stories. It’s one way neighbors are working together to fight crime.

Ray added, “There’s been several posting of videos of these guys who are breaking into vehicles taking thousands of dollars of tools.”

Murawski continued, “I think it helps to get the word out so people can watch- but then also depends on how much people really care.”

Caring if you ask Josh, is his only motivation.

Ray said, “It’s all to keep our families safe, you know.”

Police remind people to be sure to report crimes to them not just too social media.